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HEP STARS, The   *   Hamburg, Starclub 05.11.1966

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Hep Stars 1330 Benny Andersson -16.12.1946-Späteres Mitglied von ABBA links

Hep Stars 1331 Lennart Hegland -09.01.1943- Mitte

Hep Stars 1333 Sven Hedlund -01.03.1945- rechts

Hep Stars 1335 Christer Pettersson 03.11.1942- links

Hep Stars 1337 Jan Frisek -29.11.1944-



In 1963, two friends from the military service, Lennart Hegland and Christer Petterson formed
what later would become the Swedish popgroup "The Hep Stars". At the same time, the organist
Hans Östlund joined the band and later also the guitarist and singer Janne Frisk. At this time,
they called the band "Quartet Yep" and played mainly decent restaurant music. After Janne
joined, rock'n roll slowly grew in the band's repertoire, and it didn't take long before they realized
that "Quartet Yep" had to be replaced. Janne came with the idea "The Hep Stars" which was rapidly
accepted by the other band members. The name change also pointed on the band's new musical
approach, from mediocre folk dance to refined rock.

During the preparations for a gig at Rörstands youth recreation centre, Janne was absent for a
side job, a tour in Norrland together with accordion player Erik Frank. Svenne Hedlund, singer in
Clifftones, was requested to reinforce the band and sing a few songs. He accepted and his
presence in the band whet the appetite. Lennart soon realized that The Hep Stars would benefit
from having Svenne with the band, in addition to their lead vocalist Janne, and soon Svenne left
the band Clifftones to become a permanent member of growing The Hep Stars.

After pressure from Lennart, Åke Gerhard, a music producer, songwriter and owner of the label
Olga, became the manager of the band. An experienced and stable man from the north of
Sweden with valueable contacts in the branch would, with some hestitation, release the Hep Stars
as a rock group and finance their first record, Kana Kapila. The single, with a terrible cover showing
Svenne in a cannibal pot, didn't succeed. The only appearence received was a small press item in
the Swedish paper Bildjournalen.

Hans Östlund left the band in 1964 and was replaced by Benny Andersson, organist from
"Elverkets Spelmanslag". The Hep Stars was now complete and had finally received enough
attention to be able to work as musicians full-time. Their energic pop music would eventually
become a remarkable success within the youth generation.
Saturday, the 17th of April 1965, must be considered as a historic
date in the group's career. The Hep Stars had acomplished
something that no band ever had done before, they had three
songs on the Swedish Top10 chart at the same time. In a time
when British pop music dominated, world-wide. Their spectacular
appearance in the TV-show "Drop In" with the song "Cadillac",
on the 23rd of March 1965 opened the way for a breakthrough.
Cadillac was voted on the first place on the Top10 chart. Farmer
John made it to the fourth place, and A tribute to Buddy Holly,
which was previously on the list, moved up to the eight place.

As The Hepstars grew even more successful, it became the most commonly requested band in
the people's amusement parks. When Lennart "Felle" Fernholm (the sixth member of the band
and tour leader) introduced the band for a fanatic audience, in a park somewhere in Sweden at
the year of 1965, the gig was characterized by, in the Swedish pop history, unparalleled hysteric
idolatry. The Hepstars dominated Swedish music market and charts the following years.

The Hepstars musical development during the later part of the sixties would split the fans in
two groups - the disconsolated and those with unbounded happyness. With their own record
company, planned movie release and other business activities their financial problems grew
bigger and bigger every day and The Hepstars disbanded during the end of the sixties. The
final concert was held in Kungsträdgården, Stockholm, late summer 1969 with an audience of
thousands of fans. The successful story of The Hepstars had ended. Around the corner was
the seventies, a decade with plenty of challenges and success for some of the band members.

1965 was probably the greatest year for The Hep Stars. Cadillac, the break through song for the
band, became synonymous with the whole career of the group, from 1964 and ahead. The fine
cover photo by Norwegian photographer Robert Meyers, for the first LP, shows a hungry band of
the sixties, who was to write several pages in the Swedish music history. Perhaps thanks to a



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